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Miles Sound System

File language: U.S. English

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mss32.dll v6.5a 341 Kb
File name:mss32.dll
Dll size:341 Kb Version:v6.5a
Desc:Miles Sound System
Function names:
@stream_background@0 AIL_debug_printf AIL_sprintf DLSClose DLSCompactMemory DLSGetInfo DLSLoadFile DLSLoadMemFile DLSMSSOpen DLSSetAttribute DLSUnloadAll DLSUnloadFile RIB_alloc_provider_handle RIB_enumerate_interface RIB_error RIB_find_file_provider RIB_free_provider_handle RIB_free_provider_library RIB_load_provider_library RIB_register_interface RIB_request_interface RIB_request_interface_entry RIB_type_string RIB_unregister_interface _AIL_3D_distance_factor@4 _AIL_3D_doppler_factor@4 _AIL_3D_orientation@28 _AIL_3D_position@16 _AIL_3D_provider_attribute@12 _AIL_3D_rolloff_factor@4 _AIL_3D_room_type@4 _AIL_3D_sample_attribute@12 _AIL_3D_sample_cone@16 _AIL

mss32.dll size:0.21 Mb
mss32.dll size:0.21 Mb
Miles Sound System

mss32.dll size:0.34 Mb version:unknown
File name:mss32.dll
Version:unknown Dll size:0.34 Mb
Type:.dll file for windows

mss32.dll size:341.5 KBb version:6.5a
File name:mss32.dll
Version:6.5a, Dll size:341.5 KBb
File Description:Miles Sound System

mss32.dll size:0.34 Mb
mss32.dll size:0.34 Mb

Upload date: Wed May 26th 4:00:19 UTC 2010
Release date: Thu January 22nd 4:06:24 UTC 2004
Company: RAD Game Tools, Inc.
Product name: Miles Sound System
Description: Miles Sound System
Copyright: Copyright (C) 1991-2000, RAD Game Tools, Inc.
Trademark: Miles Sound System is a trademark of RAD Game Tools, Inc.

mss32.dll size:343.5 KB (351 744 bytes)
File name:mss32.dll Filesize:343.5 KB (351 744 bytes)
Downloads:268217 :July 23rd, 2011, 02:11AM UTC
MD5:f520185e02e8a5d85860669176bc4adc SHA1:cea8e9ff14994c89ad86cf891c89fea42a39250a

mss32.dll v6.6.7.0 366 Kb
File name:mss32.dll
Dll size:366 Kb Version:v6.6.7.0

mss32.dll 341KB
File name:mss32.dll
Dll size:341KB

mss32.dll 148KB
File name:mss32.dll
Dll size:148KB

mss32.dll size:374,272b version:6.6g
File name:mss32.dll
Version:6.6g, Dll size:374,272b
Product Name:Miles Sound System
File Description:Miles Sound System

mss32.dll size:366 Ko version:v6.6.7.0
File name:mss32.dll
Version:v6.6.7.0, Dll size:366 Ko
File Description:Miles Sound System,2689

mss32.dll v3.0.0.0 150892 bytes (147.36 kb)
File name:mss32.dll
Dll size:150892 bytes (147.36 kb) Version:v3.0.0.0
Desc:mss32.dll is a module for the Miles Sound System Library used by WinAmp and other multimedia applications for audio playback and sound effects.

Windows® 95/98/Me: C:\Windows\System
Windows NT/2000: C:\WINNT\System32
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7: C:\Windows\System32
If you use a 64-bit version of Windows, you should also place the file in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\