Version:2.0.0Filesize:0.0506 KB

File description:
VLC media play, VLC media

File language: U.S. English

Libvlc.dll free download

libvlc.dll v32-bit 2671 Kb
File name:libvlc.dll
Dll size:2671 Kb Version:v32-bit
Function names:
ACL_AddNet ACL_Check ACL_Destroy ACL_LoadFile AddMD5 AddMember AddSender CPUCapabilities CompareReleaseToCurrent CompareReleases DELAY_SECOND DELAY_ZERO DecodeLanguage DigestMD5 EStoPES__mux_ts EndMD5 EnsureUTF8 FindFallbackEncoding FreeMirrorsList FreeReleasesList FromLocale FromLocaleDup FromUTF16 FromUTF32 GenerateGuid__live555 GetFallbackEncoding GetFilesList GetLang_1 GetLang_2B GetLang_2T GetMirrorsList I420_RGB16__i420_rgb_mmx I420_RGB32__i420_rgb_mmx InitMD5 InitVLM IsUTF8 LocaleDeinit LocaleFree LocaleInit MRLSplit NewMember NewSender OnExpire OnReceive PacketType PicRelease RTPOverTCP_OK ReceivedPacketSize ReceivingInterfaceAddr Rem

libvlc.dll size:51.9 kb
libvlc.dll size:51.9 kb

libvlc.dll size:2.6 MBb version:-
File name:libvlc.dll
Version:-, Dll size:2.6 MBb
File Description:

libvlc.dll Architecture:32 bits v2.0.0.0
File name:libvlc.dll
Download size:51.6 Kb Architecture:32 bits
MD5:16edd7b7cc9344bd57552e682f263b46 SHA1:b96a2fa37d0462b27eac2fec99b4429d6b5a59bf

libvlc.dll 2671KB
File name:libvlc.dll
Dll size:2671KB

libvlc.dll size:109 Kb version:v2.0.2
File name:libvlc.dll
Version:v2.0.2, Dll size:109 Kb
File Description:VLC media player 2.0.2
Product Name:VLC media player

Windows® 95/98/Me: C:\Windows\System
Windows NT/2000: C:\WINNT\System32
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7: C:\Windows\System32
If you use a 64-bit version of Windows, you should also place the file in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\