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3Dfx Interactive, Inc. Glide DLL, v.

glide2x - glide2x.dll - DLL file information
DLL files: glide2x or glide2x.dll
DLL name: 3Dfx Glide DLL
glide2x.dll 3DFX (Voodoo) display card Glide 3D driver file.
Are: Glide for Voodoo Banshee
System DLL file: No
Common Errors: File Not Found, Missing File, Exception the Errors
Security Level (0-5): 0
Spyware: No
Adware: No

File language: U.S. English

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glide2x.dll size:97.26KB
File name:glide2x.dll
Dll size:99650 bytes (97.31 kb) Version:v2.48.0.21581
Desc:glide2x.dll is module which supports 3DFX (Voodoo) graphics devices with the Glide 3D drivers.

glide2x.dll size:97.26KB
File name:glide2x.dll
Version:unknown Dll size:0.21 Mb
Type:.dll file for windows

glide2x.dll size:211.5KB
glide2x.dll size:0.21 Mb

Upload date: Sun October 23rd 2:12:03 UTC 2011
Release date: Wed January 21st 21:34:54 UTC 2004
Company: 3Dfx Interactive, Inc.
Product name: Glide(tm) for Voodoo Graphics

glide2x.dll size:211.5KB
File name:glide2x.dll Filesize:211.5 KB (216 576 bytes)
Downloads:403 :August 9th, 2010, 04:47AM UTC
MD5:b59bee058b8b8d55164dc6093d864282 SHA1:e4448cecf06bf1ac615c358bed0c16234f3c813a

Windows® 95/98/Me: C:\Windows\System
Windows NT/2000: C:\WINNT\System32
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7: C:\Windows\System32
If you use a 64-bit version of Windows, you should also place the file in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\