Version:9.27.952.3001Filesize:1.8229 MB

File description:

Direct3D 9 Extensions, Microsoft® DirectX for Windows®

d3dx9_42.dll file in DirectX must file in the C: \ Windows \ System32 many games need this file to run. Can not find d3dx9_42.dll
This is a Trojan ones that cause infection file and load it, once the anti-virus software to delete infected files, it will lead to the relevant component is missing, games and other commonly used software does not run up.

File language: U.S. English

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d3dx9_42.dll v9.27.952.3001 1847 Kb
File name:d3dx9_42.dll
Dll size:1847 Kb Version:v9.27.952.3001
Desc:Direct3D 9 Extensions
Function names:
D3DXAssembleShader D3DXAssembleShaderFromFileA D3DXAssembleShaderFromFileW D3DXAssembleShaderFromResourceA D3DXAssembleShaderFromResourceW D3DXBoxBoundProbe D3DXCheckCubeTextureRequirements D3DXCheckTextureRequirements D3DXCheckVersion D3DXCheckVolumeTextureRequirements D3DXCleanMesh D3DXColorAdjustContrast D3DXColorAdjustSaturation D3DXCompileShader D3DXCompileShaderFromFileA D3DXCompileShaderFromFileW D3DXCompileShaderFromResourceA D3DXCompileShaderFromResourceW D3DXComputeBoundingBox D3DXComputeBoundingSphere D3DXComputeIMTFromPerTexelSignal D3DXComputeIMTFromPerVertexSignal D3DXComputeIMTFromSignal D3DXComputeIMTFromTexture D3DXComputeNormalMap D3DXComputeNormal

d3dx9_42.dll size:0.81 Mb
d3dx9_42.dll size:0.81 Mb
Direct3D 9 Extensions

d3dx9_42.dll size:1.8 MBb version:9.27.952.30016
File name:d3dx9_42.dll
Version:9.27.952.30016, Dll size:1.8 MBb
File Description:Direct3D 9 Extensions

d3dx9_42.dll Architecture:32 bits v9.27.952.3001
File name:d3dx9_42.dll
Download size:830.2 Kb Architecture:32 bits
MD5:c6a44fc3cf2f5801561804272217b14d SHA1:a173e7007e0f522d47eb97068df0ca43563b22bc

d3dx9_42.dll 1848KB
File name:d3dx9_42.dll
Dll size:1848KB

d3dx9_42.dll size:1,892,184b version:9.27.952.3001
File name:d3dx9_42.dll
Version:9.27.952.3001, Dll size:1,892,184b
Product Name:Microsoft DirectX for Windows
File Description:Direct3D 9 Extensions

d3dx9_42.dll size:1.8 Mb version:v9.27.952.3001
File name:d3dx9_42.dll
Version:v9.27.952.3001, Dll size:1.8 Mb
File Description:Direct3D 9 Extensions
Product Name:Microsoft® DirectX for Windows®
Company:Microsoft Corporation

d3dx9_42.dll size:1.8 Mo version:v9.27.952.3001
File name:d3dx9_42.dll
Version:v9.27.952.3001, Dll size:1.8 Mo
File Description:Microsoft Direct X for Windows Direct 3D 9 Extensions,20069

d3dx9_42.dll v9.27.952.3001 1892184 bytes (1847.84 kb)
File name:d3dx9_42.dll
Dll size:1892184 bytes (1847.84 kb) Version:v9.27.952.3001
Desc:Direct3D 9 Extensions

Windows® 95/98/Me: C:\Windows\System
Windows NT/2000: C:\WINNT\System32
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7: C:\Windows\System32
If you use a 64-bit version of Windows, you should also place the file in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\