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Audiow32.dll free download

audiow32.dll v32-bit 109 Kb
File name:audiow32.dll
Dll size:109 Kb Version:v32-bit
Function names:
ACloseAudio ACloseVoices ACreateAudioData ACreateAudioVoice ADestroyAudioData ADestroyAudioVoice AFreeModuleFile AFreeWaveFile AGetAudioDataAvail AGetAudioDevCaps AGetAudioNumDevs AGetErrorText AGetModulePosition AGetModuleStatus AGetModuleVolume AGetVersion AGetVoiceFrequency AGetVoicePanning AGetVoicePosition AGetVoiceStatus AGetVoiceVolume AInitialize ALoadModuleFile ALoadWaveFile AOpenAudio AOpenVoices APauseModule APingAudio APlayModule APlayVoice APrimeVoice AResumeModule ASetAudioCallback ASetAudioTimerProc ASetAudioTimerRate ASetModuleCallback ASetModulePosition ASetModuleVolume ASetVoiceFrequency ASetVoicePanning ASetVoicePosition ASetVoiceV

audiow32.dll size:52.1 kb
audiow32.dll size:52.1 kb

audiow32.dll size:109.5 KBb version:-
File name:audiow32.dll
Version:-, Dll size:109.5 KBb
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audiow32.dll size:0.11 Mb
audiow32.dll size:0.11 Mb

Upload date: Sun February 20th 0:57:16 UTC 2011
Release date: Thu May 13th 14:54:50 UTC 2004

audiow32.dll size:52.9 Kb
File name:audiow32.dll
Download size:52.9 Kb Architecture:32 bits
MD5:8c07a7d2178d86afa2a3b706f93723cd SHA1:1257b83cd099c3ca915d91c40bba439649013aeb

audiow32.dll 110 Kb
File name:audiow32.dll
Dll size:110 Kb Version:

audiow32.dll 109KB
File name:audiow32.dll
Dll size:109KB

audiow32.dll 53KB
File name:audiow32.dll
Dll size:53KB

audiow32.dll size:110 Ko version:v
File name:audiow32.dll
Version:v, Dll size:110 Ko
File Description:No description for audiow32.dll,231

audiow32.dll 53551 bytes (52.3 kb)
File name:audiow32.dll
Dll size:53551 bytes (52.3 kb) Version:

Windows® 95/98/Me: C:\Windows\System
Windows NT/2000: C:\WINNT\System32
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7: C:\Windows\System32
If you use a 64-bit version of Windows, you should also place the file in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\